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8-10/12/2021 - Conferences & Round Tables

Conférences 9/12/2021

Sustainable immersive formats for Culture & Heritage 

When a museum or a territory wishes to start working with immersive media, it may initially want to adapt an existing, already proven format, instead of embarking alone on the creation of a new concept. However, they do not always have the keys to identify who to address and to categorize their project. This conference presents the immersive formats of several leading players in the market and explains the broadcasting/distribution model they have implemented for their international deployment.

with Sébastien GRENIER-CARTIER – Normal Studio (CA), Gwenaël ALLAN – Sensory Oddyssey (FR), Déborah PAPIERNIK – Ubisoft (FR), Roei AMIT – le Grand Palais RMN. Moderator : Stéphane  MALAGNAC – PIXII (FR)&


How to integrate new technologies into a territory’s development strategy? More and more territories are now investing in the transformation of their public spaces into experience destinations. Alongside museums and historical sites, new categories of places are emerging: « digital art exhibitions », « augmented walks », « cultural playgrounds »… To imagine and operate these experiences, multidisciplinary ecosystems are being created: museums, for example, are pooling technological solutions to reduce their costs. Some cities are opting for operating concessions to reinvent traditional PPP (public-private partnership) models and thus encourage the emergence of startups in the museum and cultural field. The aim of the conference is to present from a macro point of view the genesis of ambitious digital cultural tourism policies and the indicators put in place to measure their effectiveness.


Constance CASTAING D’ILLIERS – Novelab (Focus France Pyrénée)
Amélie  RICHARD – Hub Montreal
André SAVARD – Montréal en Histoires (Focus Québec)
Scarlett GRECO – Paris Musées (Focus Paris)
Mohamed  ZOGHLAMI – Afric’Up  (Focus Tunis)
Moderator : Géraldine BUEKEN – XR4heritage 

Table ronde  9/12/2021

Culture & Heritage:  The significant development of phygital content, particularly in response to the pandemic, opens up new perspectives for the European XR sector and allows cultural institutions to approach a new audience. It also raises many questions about the circulation of contents, intellectual property rights, formats used, etc.

with Sébastien GRENIER-CARTIER – Normal Studio (CA), Gwenaël ALLAN – Sensory Oddyssey (FR), Déborah PAPIERNIK – Ubisoft (FR), Roei AMIT – le Grand Palais RMN. Constance CASTAING D’ILLIERS – Novelab, Amélie RICHARD – Hub Montreal, André SAVARD – Montréal en Histoires,  Scarlett GRECO – Paris Musées – Mohamed  ZOGHLAMI – Afric’Up  (Focus Tunis), CAROLINE JULIEN -CREO
Moderator : Stéphane MALAGNAC – PIXII (FR) & Géraldine BUEKEN – XR4Heritage