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Make YOUR Voice Heard
Citizen Consultation

Vote to support the creation of an XXL augmented statue in tribute to your favorite historical figure. The character who collects the most votes will be immortalized in an original digital work supported by #BRUXSLS.ART, the largest augmented AR(T) gallery in central Europe. Join the Avatars club to find out all about the latest project news.

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Make YOUR Voice Heard - Citizen Consultation

Our mission is to shine a light on those who have been overlooked by official history in Europe, bringing their stories out of obscurity and into the spotlight in Brussels, Belgium, and beyond.
But we can't do it alone – we need YOUR support to amplify our message and elevate these individuals and their stories. Tell us which characters you'd particularly like to honor, so we can celebrate him or her through the creation of our first AVATARS statue in augmented reality.

Together, let's ensure that history isn't just about one perspective, but rather reflects the richness of our collective experience.