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The Heritage Large-scale Immersive eXperience Contest
The first Contest to scale up ambitious & impactful immersive projects for European cultural heritage.

XR4Heritage XR4Heritage

Heritage-LIX is a springboard to co-produce, distribute or finance sustainable
and viable immersive experiences. The participants

Participate in a dedicated workshop in Stereopsia EUROPE, the Immersion Forum

Challenge their business model with about thirty Belgian operators and renowned international experts

Pitch their product to European decision-makers in tourism and innovation

Have a chance to get one of the 3 creation grants to highlight their concept during the BRIGHT Brussels festival.

The competition is open to international companies (studios or XR production companies) that have developed in the last 5 years a high growth potential XR experience/solution/installation for heritage enhancement.



Augmenta is a technology that helps audiovisual companies to bring interactivity in any type of immersive space, regardless its size and the number of people. It’s a complete environment that combines hardware, sensors and a software suite to deploy, automatize, monitor and scale immersive experiences in the most efficient way.

David-Alexandre CHANEL

Artist, engineer and entrepreneur, David-Alexandre CHANEL co-founded THÉORIZ Studio with Jonathan RICHER in 2014. Combining an education in music and an engineering school, David-Alexandre CHANEL uses art and science to create innovative and poetic art installations. Since 2011, he co-signed many digital art installations seen in international renowned art festival and received several international awards. In 2022 he founds a new company Augmenta, a tracking technology intended for the creative industries.


THEORIZ is a multi-awarded studio gathering a team of professional engineers, visual artists and creative developers. We combine scientific and artistic research to create beautiful and creative experiences. From virtual reality to videomapping, we love challenging projects and are here to advise you how to design a meaningful experience to tell your story.

Heritage Metaverse

The Heritage Metaverse by ZOAN is a web-based platform that facilitates institutions to create and expand their virtual presence by creating an easy and immersive way to share, access and experience collections and exhibitions from GLAM Institutions online, including open-source digital libraries.

The technology behind it helps institutions to adopt the metaverse as a solution for direct collaboration with the public, creating virtual tours and other educational content and experiences about any subject desired that are accessible via web. It also helps to expand the lifecycle of digital content by keeping it practical to transform it into new products and media, including new physical content for exhibitions.

Jonathan Biz Medina

With a bachelor degree in Game Design, Jonathan Biz Medina has developed interactive and virtual experiences for art exhibitions and museums in Brazil, working as a videogame designer at the innovation sector of Itaú Cultural in São Paulo.

Currently living in Helsinki, is one of the owners and the Senior Producer at ZOAN, the largest XR company in Finland. Over the past 10 years has led and developed 171 digital projects in a wide range of technologies and B2B clients, including GLAM institutions and even one metaverse solution for rainforest conservation.

From the big metropolis to the idyllic landscapes of Finland, has learned to love nature and the outdoors in recent years and is passionate about history and culture.


ZOAN is an awarded leading studio in Europe for digital immersive experiences and solutions, developing top of the notch and accessible virtual technology products for a wide range of B2B clients, including museum and government cultural institutions. With an expert international team in immersive 3D technology, the company has been growing fast and is now reaching for international markets.

Developing immersive experiences since 2010, ZOAN has created hundreds of projects such as the awarded Virtual Helsinki - Sounds of Seasons VR experience, the open-source virtual reconstruction of the city of Turku 1827, the Nightwish virtual concert and most recently their own metaverse solution called Cornerstone.

Metropolis - Rome

“Metropolis” is the collective term for a multi-player 6DOF experience in which people can jointly visit spectacular places in history. Joint by an experienced guide, be it an historian, a celebrity …, users will discover these worlds together.
Our first location will be ancient Rome, which can be entered and experienced in photorealistic quality for the first time in 2000 years.
The usability will be as simple and intuitive as possible. So, the entire experience is designed for mobile VR headsets. A specially developed inhouse toolkit enables data reduction without compromising the quality of the experience. Starting as a local experience on site, we will enable at a later stage an online version with an unlimited number of users.

Maria Courtial

Maria Courtial is co-founder, CEO and producer at Faber Courtial - studio for digital worlds, which she established in 1998 (together with her husband and director Joerg Courtial) after graduating in industrial design.
Under Maria's leadership the company developed into one of the leading VR and VFX studios in Germany. Fascinated by new technologies and their possibilities, Maria embraced immersive media and set a new focus to XR.
Since 2014 she has been producing and co-directing award-winning immersive films and experiences that reshape the world of entertainment. Her trademark is the tight and poetic weaving of all production elements to create remarkable experiences with strong emotions.

Faber Courtial

Faber Courtial is an internationally successful VR film studio and among Germany’s leading VFX companies.
Since 2014 Faber Courtial has established itself as a VR pioneer and creator of premium, award winning VR experiences such as "Volcanos VR", “Gladiators in the Colosseum VR” and “Into Space - 1st Step and 2nd Step”.
The studio’s core competence is the impressively convincing reconstruction of long-gone worlds, such as Ancient Rome (300 AD), outer space or, with the studios latest production “GENESIS”, the history of earth.
Committed to delivering complex worlds in real time, the studio continues to embrace new VR techniques. With their inhouse tool “Phalanx” they are currently developing high quality 6DOF experiences for mobile glasses.


Imvizar provides a global experience platform which can host thousands of heritage AR experiences from all around the world. We enable creative studios to publish content without ever having to build an app. They can can simply upload their content to the Imvizar platform, with their own branding, and make it available to their audiences. Think of this like the Netflix/Spotify of AR experiences. We will launch a tool in 2023 that creatives can, using AR, place life size heritage objects and characters around them, scan the environment to create a persistent AR scene, sync animations and audio and fully craft a scene using AR.

Michael Guerin

Michael is Founder of Imvizar, a an immersive experience platform, with a particular focus on visitor attractions, towns and cities. Previously, Michael was Programme Manager of Dublin’s smart city testbed – Smart Docklands – an initiative which gives startups and innovators an opportunity to trial and test technology in a real urban environment.
He is currently a Smart City Advisor to the Harvard City Innovator Forum andChair of Connected City Infrastructure Solution Group on behalf of Telecom Infra Project.


Imvizar is an award-winning Irish startup focused on creating augmented reality experiences for history, heritage and culture.

Mapping Sculptures in Carthago

For the “Mapping Sculptures in Carthago” exhibition, Designlab revives, restores and animates Tunisian cultural and historical heritage with the video mapping technique.
This technique allows the metamorphosis of objects and spaces in a non invasive way and with no special devices for visitors, resulting in a safe and natural immersion, especially relevant in a museum context.
We worked with art historians to dress the sculptures of the “Archaeological Museum of Carthage” with light, restoring original colors, shapes and lost fragments. Remnants of the past come to life and tell their stories.
“Mapping Sculptures in Carthago” is a Designlab night parcours in which both scientific and artistic approach is used. We project visual animation and cartels explaining both the restoration process, the history of the statutes as well as the artistic intervention of DesignLab.”

Elyes Rebai

Elyes Rebai is a 3D designer. Born in Tunisia. Graduated in Art and communications at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Tunis, then in Cinema And audiovisual at the University of Paris VIII.
Aware of the importance of digital tools in cultural mediation, he has invested himself in scientific and artistic projects in several national museums, such as the National Museum of Carthage, the Bastia museum, the archaeological site of Oudhna, and the National Museum of Sousse, without omitting historical and national monuments such as the château de Champs-sur-Marne, the Rachidia Institute of Tunisian Music and the Qsar Said Beylical Palace.


DesignLab is a multidisciplinary creation studio located in Tunis, which integrates vast areas of expertise. Graphic design, Product design, scenography, Video, Photography, Specialized in Video Mapping
We create, direct and produce meaningful multisensory experiences for live shows and public spaces. We provide visual, interactive, coherent solutions, but above all based on the user experience

El Gabinete

At El Gabinete we work delivering content and providing wayfinding to every visitor profile to heritage venues using the technologies vastly available for the public reducing any frictions on the delivery of that experience.

Visitors to the public space have individual needs and interests: different or limited time-frames to perform the visit, they speak different languages, or may have some visual or hearing disability.

We achieve this by creating and distributing interactive content to each visitor profile delivered to their phone using a web app as well as providing customised maps and AR machine-learning scene recognition to find their way around.

Furthermore, venues analyse visitors’ data about their behaviour, route and interests.

Carlos Mondragón

Carlos is founder of El Gabinete which is focused on creating relevant content enriched with AI technology delivered through IoT devices, and AR wayfinding tools in natural and cultural heritage venues,

Previously he founded a company specialised in the use of technology for science and art popularisation.

He has more than 20 years of experience in public and private organisations in different countries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Carlos’ job consists in managing multidisciplinary and distributed teams that design and develop El Gabinete’s products.

He is a certified Scrummaster and has finished the course Human-centred service design from IDEO U. He holds an MA in industrial design and MSc. in eBusiness, and PhD candidate.

El Gabinete

At El Gabinete we work delivering content and providing wayfinding to every visitor profile to heritage venues using the technologies vastly available for the public reducing any frictions on the delivery of that experience.

Visitors to the public space have individual needs and interests: different or limited time-frames to perform the visit, they speak different languages, or may have some visual or hearing disability.

We achieve this by creating and distributing interactive content to each visitor profile delivered to their phone using a web app as well as providing customised maps and AR machine-learning scene recognition to find their way around.

Furthermore, venues analyse visitors’ data about their behaviour, route and interests.


Curatours is a mini metaverse for arts, culture, heritage and museums.

Users can download Curatours for free and explore a range of self-guided, pre-recorded and live guided experiences.
Tours can be replicas of actual museums or built around a small amount of artefacts.
It provides a multi-user experience across multiple platforms – web, mobile, tablet, desktop and VR headsets.

The platform is open for ANYONE – for visitors, creative agencies, curators and storytellers – to create and launch their own virtual worlds and share their stories.

Unlock untold stories within cultural collections and go beyond the constraints of physical logistics. Bring the artefacts to the forefront and digitally mitigate issues around in-person accessibility. Gain a better understanding of your audiences and open up the possibility of premium events and tours.

Simon Barratt

Simon is the co-founder and CEO of Cooperative Innovations.

With 23 years of games development and virtual world building experience, originally as a programmer and the last 17 years as a studio founder.

Simon, his co-founder Brian and the Cooperative Innovations team have worked across Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for over 10 years as well as directly building game engine technologies of their own for almost every hardware platform.

This experience and the previous projects of the company (including work with McLaren Automotive, BBC, Sony Music, Framestore and others) has led to the development of Curatours in the last two years.

Cooperative Innovations

Cooperative Innovations develop high quality, social, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality games, apps and experiences. We’re an immersive technology studio building tools and middleware to enable the production of high-quality online immersive worlds whether for any purpose whether gaming, enterprise, training or socialising. As well as technology development we create showcase content which proves the technology and helps us stay current with the challenges faced by developers and end-users.

Justin Beaver: Spring Season

Justin Beaver is a unique interactive VR film experience where the audience can experiment the Climate Change, Pollution and Global Warming from the eyes of an animal. The user will be Justin Beaver. We are looking to foster empathy and curiosity toward animals and nature in our Natural heritage. This spring season shows perfect nature conditions for the animals as the human pollution with plastic and building constructions force to immigrate the family of beavers. This project came from a Dutch-Colombian Doctoral Research. Our audience is the general public from 13 years old for VR experience or all ages for 360 experiences. The total experience is 15 minutes approx., 3 mins for the temple scene, 3 mins for the forest, 3 mins for the rill, 3 mins for the cave and 3 mins for the river. Our next goal is to scale up this immersive experience in Europe.

Alexandra Sierra & Peter Bakker

Alexandra Sierra is Doctor in Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence and a magister in Education. Currently, she is co-founder of the company Justin Beaver and XR ACADEMIA. She also works as a film director and entrepreneur for virtual reality content and immersive experience for Education and environmentally friendly digital products. Her areas of research include Immersive Learning Technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) and Conventional Technologies (Educational Platforms, Robotics and Video Games). In 2012, she was recognized by the Colombian Ministry of Education as one of the best Technology & Informatics teachers in high school education. She was selected to participate in an ICT training course in South Korea. In 2016, she was nominated among the best ten proposals for the Teacher Award in Colombia. In 2021, she and her team received an award for revolutionary research in immersive technology at Laval Virtual, France, for her research project called “Justin Beaver Stories”. In 2022, she received an award for developing the film “Justin Beaver Survivor” by the Ministry of Culture in Colombia. Finally, she is a founding member of the Colombian Association of Immersive, Interactive, and Emerging Realities (XRCOL).
Peter Bakker. He is co-founder company Justin Beaver. He is an enthusiastic and energetic business consultant with a broad professional experience and a passion for new technologies. He has actively developed my personal qualities through an intentionally wide study scope, and have been an active participant in student and sports associations. His work experience has largely been gained in companies with a strong international focus, both at home and abroad, giving me a wide-ranged understanding of and profound interest in a variety of fields. Beside his previous position as a MS Dynamics consultant, He was involved in the organization of Blockchain & AI events. His professional work and the organization of these side-events have given me the impulse to continue my career, in the field of interlinkage between IT and human dynamics.

Justin Beaver

Our mission is to inspire human minds around the world through the power of immersive technology to foster empathy, self-awareness, and curiosity toward our planet. Our company is developing immersive learning educative content and experience for children and general public. This company is located in the Nethelands and Colombia.

Dream Factory Live Hybrid Experience

A Live Hybrid Experience is the phygitalisation of a live immersive theater experience through technologies used to produce video game (Unreal Engine 5), with two ways of experiencing it: in a physical location (phygitale experience) or online.

Online, thanks to a live performance studio, where actors can engage in real-time with participants who access the experience through their browser on their computer through cloud gaming.

This studio also serves to host a live phygitale experience with location-based VR in a multiroom environment. Bridging the gap between physical and digital through a narrative experience with real actors, props, and sets, covered by 3D assets.

A phygital Westworld.

Grégoire Nedelcovici

Stories are shaping our perception of the world, fuel our dreams and shape the future we want to live in. Grégoire Nedelcovici, having studied at the Paris Sorbonne University and Columbia University of New York, began its carrier as a filmmaker in both independent documentaries and HBO's series. But he felts stories had new ways of being told, more impactful ones.

With a passion with video games, he discovered the capabilities of interactive stories which acknowledges our presence, our agency, where spectators become participants.

With Tristan Desplechin and Eliza Calmat, they founded Dream Factory, a company dedicated to innovative storytelling, through interactive and immersive experience with a single goal, allowing to live meaningful and impactful stories.

Dream Factory

Dream Factory is the first creator of immersive cinema experience in France. Our goal is to reinvent the narrative experience, to be a reference in tomorrow's entertainment.

Halfway between immersive theater, interactive experience, and the implication of a live video game, Dream Factory offers unique evenings mixing live shows, technologies, and new froms of narration. During an evening, participants forget the barrier of the screen and the stage, stop being spectators and become participants.
Our experiences allow people to live, stroll, play, dance, drink, and eat, in a unique reality through life-size sets, participative and immersive narrations, and actors.
The fiction suddenly takes the shape of reality.

Darwin: At the Origin of the Origin

Darwin is an immersive and interactive experience which combines virtual, physical and augmented realities.
The Voyage of the Beagle, is the title commonly given to the journal that the great English naturalist kept during his first world tour (1831-1836). world tour (1831-1836) and which he published in 1839 under the title Journal of Researches into the Geology and Natural History of the Various Countries Visited by H.M.S. Beagle. This voyage, initially planned for a period of two years, finally lasted more than five. Charles Darwin, still a young man spent most of his time outside the ship, observing the geology, fauna and flora of the various countries he surveyed, drawing that he surveyed, drew and commented in his journal. The Darwin: At the Origin of the Origin project will follow the ship’s journey, over four VR-episodes and a larg scale multi-users experience which combines virtual, physical and augmented realities, to take us on a journey, both in time and space. Discover how the observations made by Darwin during his voyage were at the origin of his work on the evolution of living species, which revolutionized our vision of the world. Finally, to understand through practice how scientific thought is developed and the importance today of trusting science.

Alesandra Bogi

After a master degree in anthropology, Alessandra started working in documentary production between Italy and France. Passionate about storytelling and finding new ways of bringing compelling stories to engage the audience, she specialized in interactive design at the prestigious Ecole des Gobelins and joined Lucid Realities as Head of production on VR and AR projects.

Lucid Realities

Part of the CLPB Media Group, Lucid Realities is an immersive and interactive production and distribution company based in Paris, co-founded by Chloé Jarry and François Bertrand.
The projects powered by Lucid Realities are designed to foreshadow the future of the XR industry and innovate ways to produce and distribute XR experiences. For us, XR is more than technology: it’s an opportunity to create unprecedented emotional ways to connect people with edutainment contents.
Supported by some of the major players in the film and XR fields (Sundance Institute, TAICCA, Google DNI, HTC Vive Arts, NFB, European public broadcasters), we have shown our ability to build innovative business models, tell powerful stories and create new kinds of presentation.

Last Supper VR

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most famous works of art in the world. And the story of how, from its creation more than 500 years ago, this wall painting has survived to the present day is full of twists. The efforts made to preserve the Last Supper have been innumerable. In this interactive virtual reality experience, the user will jump from one era to another, discovering how the space and the world around the painting have changed over time and how the work has risked being destroyed by war, greed and oblivion. Through the history of the Last Supper, the experience offers a reflection on the fragility of human beauty and culture.

Matteo Lonardi

Matteo Lonardi is the creative director of Milan based immersive studio Reframe Productions. Graduated from Columbia Journalism School in 2014, since 2010, Lonardi has documented artists around the world through photography, video, and VR. His immersive narrative Il Dubbio (two episodes) were presented at Venice VR expanded in 2020 and 2021. His latest VR project is an interactive journey into Italian 20th century design and architecture for Fondazione La Triennale Milano.

Reframe Production is a Milan based immersive studio.
We work with museums, brands and cultural institutions
to create immersive stroytelling.
We create our own idependent immersive IP.
Our award winning indi projects have been selected
into the most prestiougious international film festivals.

Odyssey in AR

The project will design and develop an Augmented Reality experience app, navigating the user through the unfolding events of Odyssey. The AR application will assist users (tourists, visitors, children) develop a deeper understanding of the mythology actively participating in a series of tasks.

The innovative aspect of the project is the “AR-enhanced” methodology  engaging users  into a learning dialogue with mythology. It enables user’s active involvement through meaningful technics (virtual thinking, artful thinking), game-based process and rewarding scheme. 

Following the success of the newly developed Interactive Museum “The 12 Golds Of Olympus in AR” (, Pi tech plans to develop “Odyssey in AR” in a similar way and is determined to create more applications in the future making heritage, culture and history accessible worldwide and fun. 

Petros is Co-Founder and AR/VR Developer of Pi tech and VR Developer of VIRED. Student in Mechanical Engineering in AUTH-Greece. Expertise: AR/VR applications, 3D Modelling  and Game Development. 

He participated in the Erasmus+ projects “SPACEGUARDIANS – interactive book for improving astronomy literacy of kids” (2017-2019) “Anemelo- Augmented reality game” (2017-2019), EGGS -StudEnts fight food and packaging waste throuGh entrepreneurial education and Game-baSed learning  (2018-2020). 

Relevant publications: “ThesStory. A Historical and Cultural Guided Tour in the city of Thessaloniki using Digital Game Based Approach”, “Using a Math Game to improve Basic Math Skills”.

Pi tech

Pi tech is a start-up from Greece active on XR in Culture, Education, Tourism and Health, Web and App Development

Has a track record in 3D games and XR applications such as:

“Hercules and Evrystheas” – an AR app for museum (2020)

“Math Game for mobile learning” (2020)

“Parfes – a Solidarity and Anti-bullying” Augmented reality fairy tale (2021)

“The 12 Gods of Olympus in AR” The Interactive Museum of Katerini Municipality (2022)

Here Be Dragons


COMPANY : Futura Space





@Images&3D Europe @XR4Europe

Pays: Belgium

Après une maîtrise en psychologie à l’Université Libre de Bruxelles, Alain s’est rapidement orienté vers l’accompagnement et la formation des entrepreneurs innovants.
Il a travaillé comme consultant et directeur adjoint pour plusieurs organisations liées à la Commission européenne et s’est concentré sur la promotion de l’innovation. En 1998, il crée sa propre société pour organiser des conférences internationales et scientifiques. Dans ce contexte, en 2009, il est le fondateur et le directeur général de Stereopsia – World Immersion Forum, un événement international consacré aux technologies et contenus immersifs (XR). A partir de 2018, il gère la construction communautaire du projet H2020 XR4ALL et en mai 2021 il lance avec 10 partenaires XR4Europe.


Après une maîtrise en psychologie à l’Université Libre de Bruxelles,…



Chief of programming, Co-executive producer
Directrice de la programmation

Pays: Canada


Directrice de la programmation



Tourisme InnovationLab
Chef de projet innovation

Pays: France

Laure Printemps, project manager at Tourism Innovation Lab for Pays de la Loire region.
As an innovation enthusiast, I support startups to develop their product or service in the tourism sector. I am committed to help the entrepreneurs of our ecosystem.
The Tourism Innovation Lab supports entrepreneurship in innovative tourism and promotes research projects in tourism.


Laure Printemps, project manager at Tourism Innovation Lab for Pays…



Centre des Monuments nationaux
Head of Strategy and Digital

Pays: France

Abla Benmiloud-Faucher has 20 years of experience in innovation. First as a consultant then at Orange, a French leading telecom operator, she was involved in the launch of new digital services (mobile payment, mobile television). From 2012 to 2017, she developed more than twenty innovative projects in the cultural sector, at the crossroads between research and museums: mobile applications, augmented or virtual reality experiences with the Palace of Versailles, the Orsay Museum, the National Museum of Natural History, the Louvre-Lens Museum. After leading an intrapreneurship project at Orange, Abla Benmiloud-Faucher joined the French National Monuments Center in September 2019 as head of strategy and digital.


Abla Benmiloud-Faucher has 20 years of experience in innovation. First…



Directrice de l’Innovation

Pays: France

Directrice de l’innovation du CENTQUATRE-PARIS depuis 2018 et de son incubateur, 104factory qui accompagne des entreprises culturelles et créatives innovantes au croisement du champ artistique, de la recherche et de l’innovation depuis 2013, Marialya Bestougeff a un profil multiple et international. Sa longue expérience dans le secteur privé au sein de grands groupes et d’agences innovante de design ou de conseil pour porter la créativité en entreprise, a conduit Marialya vers le champ des industries culturelles et créatives. Elle conçoit ainsi des programmes d’accompagnement sur-mesure dans l’entrepreneuriat culturel français et étranger. Elle pilote notamment le partenariat international entre la France et le Québec (Canada) pour faire rayonner des entreprises des industries culturelles et créatives dans les deux pays.
Elle a été directrice Share Design au sein du collectif Les Sismo, studio de design indépendant de 2016 à 2018. Elle conçoit et dirige des projets d’innovation auprès d’acteurs privés et publics. Elle fut aussi co-fondatrice de Fixioneers depuis 2015, studio de création et de production d’œuvres interactives et immersive, où elle pilote des projets de valorisation et médiation artistiques numériques. Directrice commerciale de Decommedia (agence de théâtre en entreprise) de 2009 à 2015, elle a aussi été consultante senior chez Mille-alliance, cabinet de conseil en management. Chef de projet, Responsable de zone, consultante en management de la qualité chez PSA Peugeot Citroën de 2001 à 2007, elle travaille en réseau avec l’Europe, l’Amérique du sud et l’Asie. De nationalité franco-brésilienne et d’origine russe, Marialya a également un profil multiculturel qui s’accompagne d’une très bonne connaissance du secteur culturel brésilien (musées et institutions culturelles).


Directrice de l’innovation du CENTQUATRE-PARIS depuis 2018 et de son…


PICHARD Nathalie

Fondation ArtTech
Founder Manager

Pays: Suisse

Nathalie Pichard is the Executive Director and Curator of the ArtTech Foundation she co-founded in 2017. She was also the first Director of EPFL Pavilions at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a forum which aims to bring science and technology closer to the humanities. As Director of the Roman Museum in Lausanne, then Secretary General for Academic Affairs at EPFL where she implemented numerous strategic projects, she has a successful experience of starting and managing diverse and global projects. She also founded her own company which combines technological innovation, art and culture, helping to preserve and promote cultural heritage.

Nathalie Pichard est la directrice et curatrice de la Fondation ArtTech; elle a cofondée en 2017. Elle a également été la première directrice d’EPFL Pavilions À l’École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
(EPFL), un forum qui vise à rapprocher les sciences et les technologies des sciences humaines. En tant
que directrice du Musée romain de Lausanne, puis secrétaire générale des affaires académiques de
EPFL où elle a mis en œuvre de nombreux projets stratégiques, elle a une grande expérience du
lancement et de la gestion de projets divers et globaux. Elle a également fondé sa propre entreprise
qui combine innovation technologique, art et la culture, contribuant ainsi à la préservation et à la
promotion du patrimoine culturel.

PICHARD Nathalie

Nathalie Pichard is the Executive Director and Curator of the…



BUEKEN Géraldine

Fondatrice Directrice XR4heritage
Productrice – Auteure
Fondatrice – Directrice du programme

Pays: Belgium

Stratège spécialisée dans les dispositifs immersifs de médiation culturelle, Géraldine Bueken est également auteure et productrice. En tant que fondatrice directrice du programme XR4heritage, elle est à l’origine de plusieurs projets pluridisciplinaires tels que Expérience Senne, The Map ou encore le concours international Heritage Lix. Depuis 3 ans, elle est curatrice Culture & Heritage de Stereopsia, le forum mondial de l’immersif.

Au cours des 15 dernières années, elle a mis ses techniques narratives et son expérience des mass média au service de la transformation positive des mentalités et des comportements. Elle a débuté son parcours au Maroc en tant que directrice de développement de la Film Industry, un projet de 30 téléfilms de genre (30 x 90’) diffusés en 2008 (Al Aoula) et a ensuite évolué en tant que productrice exécutive de plusieurs formats télévisés au Maroc, en Belgique et en France dont Rawabit (jeu tv 26×26’ Al Aoula), l’équipe (série 26×26’ Al Aoula) Pitch Dating (concours RTL-TVI) Still Standing (jeu TV – saison 1 RTL-TVI/C8).

BUEKEN Géraldine

Fondatrice – Directrice du programme

Stratège spécialisée dans les dispositifs immersifs de médiation culturelle, Géraldine…


TUTINO Vincent

Events Manager

Pays: Belgium

TUTINO Vincent



Atlas V
Immersive Exhibitions Manager

Pays: France



Paul J.R. Sir Dujardin

Chief Project Director

Pays: Belgium

Paul Dujardin is a leading figure in Europe’s civil society. He has been CEO of the Centre for Fine Arts Brussels (BOZAR) from January 2002 to January 2021. Under his leadership, the house for culture has turned into a respected and internationally recognized multidisciplinary European hub driven by the New European Bauhaus ideals. Since 2016 Paul was co-author and advisor for the EU for the development of public (cultural) diplomacy strategy. Attracting over 1,3 million visitors each year, BOZAR plays a crucial role as a meeting place in the heart of the European Union, while acting as a pivotal defender of the European project both in the EU as in its external policies. Over the last years, Paul has widened BOZAR’s scope of expertise, activities and outreach through the establishment of a thorough intersectoral approach incorporating the arts, science and technology. The SDG’s became central in the further development of BOZAR, a house for social cohesion. Each department has developed its own strategy around these guidelines and maximized his social impact. Under his leadership, BOZAR has developed numerous exhibitions, festivals, concerts, cinema events and debates with various hybrid formats and became a contemporary thinktank. He has held various advisory positions at the highest level, including acting as the main advisor to the EU for the ‘New Narrative for Europe’ project (2013-2016) and his Ambassadors’ committee. Providing longstanding expertise at the crossing of policymaking, societal stakes and the arts, this was done in close collaboration with top scientists, artists and politicians and with the civil society. In addition to BOZAR, Paul was founder and CEO of Ars Musica, General Manager of the Brussels Philharmonic Society, Co Administrator at the Belgian National Orchestra, President of the International Music Council (2013- 2017), President of Europa Nostra Belgium (since 2018), and others. He holds a Degree in Art History and Archaeology (VUB, 1986) and Management (VLEKHO, 1987).

Paul J.R. Sir Dujardin

Paul Dujardin is a leading figure in Europe’s civil society….



Directrice générale

Pays: Belgium



ACKERMAN nathanael

AI4Belgium / FPS BOSA 
General Manager / Head of AI & Innovation Expert

Pays: Belgium

ACKERMAN nathanael



Segment Marketing – Immersive Experience

Pays: Belgium



DE PRA Hugues

Chief Technology & Transformation Officer

Pays: Belgium

DE PRA Hugues



Deloitte Digital
Director – digital strategy & experience design

Thomas is a digital strategist and service designer, director at Deloitte Digital. He is co-author of the Digital Delivery Model, that combines design thinking and agile and that has been successfully used in many digital transformation cases, winning awards in business transformation and marketing. For many years, he’s conducted research on the added-value of extended reality (AR/VR/MR) for organizations.

His 15+ years of experience in digital transformation have led him to complement his skills as a digital strategist with those of service designer, enterprise architect and program manager. His focus lays on accompanying his clients and colleagues to materialize innovation and transition from complex situations to pragmatic solutions with rapid implementation. He’s worked on many projects in AR/VR/MR for organizations in various sectors.


Thomas is a digital strategist and service designer, director at…



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Pays: France
Professionnel de la culture depuis plus de 20 ans, Michael a dirigé des monuments historiques et des musées tels le Château du Clos-Lucé à Amboise, puis le Château des Baux de Provence, le Musée d’Art et d’Histoire et le Théâtre Antique d’Orange, les Arènes de Nîmes, la Maison Carrée et la Tour Magne pour la société CULTURESPACES.
Passionné par les nouvelles formes d’expression artistique, il prend part en 2017 au lancement de l’ATELIER DES LUMIÈRES à Paris, le premier centre d’art numérique en France, en tant que directeur et commissaire d’expositions contemporaines. En 2018, il crée et produit l’exposition immersive TERRA MAGNIFICA avec le photographe Yann Arthus Bertrand et en 2019, IMMERSIVE ART FESTIVAL, le premier festival dédié à la création numérique immersive avec 11 studios européens.
Entre 2020 et 2022, il est créateur et producteur d’expériences immersives pour le studio montréalais MOMENT FACTORY.
En tant que vice-président de l’association française MOTION PLUS DESIGN il participe à l’organisation de différents événements notamment autour de la valorisation et la reconnaissance du motion design comme courant artistique du 21ème siècle, à Los Angeles, Paris et Tokyo.

Il est aujourd’hui fondateur de l’agence de conseil et organisations d’événements culturels et numériques “NEW ART EXPERIENCES”
As a cultural professional for over 20 years, Michael has managed historical monuments and museums such as the Château du Clos-Lucé in Amboise, then the Château des Baux de Provence, the Museum of Art and History and the Ancient Theatre of Orange, the Arènes de Nîmes, the Maison Carrée and the Tour Magne for the company CULTURESPACES.
Passionate about new forms of artistic expression, in 2017 he took part in the launch of the ATELIER DES LUMIÈRES in Paris, the first digital art center in France, as director and curator of contemporary exhibitions. In 2018, he creates and produces the immersive exhibition TERRA MAGNIFICA with the photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand and in 2019, IMMERSIVE ART FESTIVAL, the first festival dedicated to immersive digital creation with 11 European studios.
Between 2020 and 2022, he is creator and producer of immersive experiences for the Montreal studio MOMENT FACTORY.
As vice-president of the French association MOTION PLUS DESIGN, he participates in the organization of various events, notably around the valorization and recognition of motion design as an artistic movement of the 21st century, in Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo.
Today he is the founder of the consulting and organization agency for cultural and digital events “NEW ART EXPERIENCES”.


Professionnel de la culture depuis plus de 20 ans, Michael…




Pays: Belgium

Matteo is a Founding Partner of Crossmedia Europe, which, under the umbrella of immersive digital art pioneers C&T CROSSMEDIA GROUP, provides research, strategic advisory, development, and business innovation by harnessing and leveraging cutting-edge immersive and experiential digital technologies, such as the metaverse, in the fields of culture, the arts, education, entertainment, sports, and show business. He served as Executive Producer and Curator of the Visitor Experience of the European Union Pavilion at the World Expo Milano 2015. In his role as Special Interlocutor for the Holy See (Vatican) Pavilion at the International Expo-2017 Astana (Nur-Sultan), Matteo directed the planning, design, production, and operations of the pavilion. He then was the Executive Producer/Property Developer of the Czech Republic Pavilion at the World Expo 2020 Dubai.

The EU Pavilion in Milan received an honorable mention by EXHIBITOR magazine for Best Presentation, and the cinematic adaptation of its visitor experience show (into an animated short film) won the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and made Official Selection at a range of film festivals including the European Short Film Festival (ESFF) [Berlin]; Barcelona; Chicago; Clermont-Ferrand; Newport Beach; San Diego; and ANIM8FEST. Matteo conferred with the Vatican Museums to have the kinetic façade of the Vatican Pavilion and the BigBangCreation interactive art installation acquired permanently into the Museums’ collection of modern art. Featuring a new technology that promises to transform a desert into an oasis and a cloudlike signature art installation the “Czech Spring” pavilion was among the first ones to break ground and the third one to obtain the building permit and mobilize onsite.

My passion and penchant for creative stakeholder engagement have resulted in award-winning film productions and public art initiatives, presented to the public in about twenty countries in both the traditional and TEDx formats.



Matteo is a Founding Partner of Crossmedia Europe, which, under…